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Be it your wedding day, a party or your commercial launch, Mystic Charmz brings you an innovative way to mark a niche in the eyes of world. special washable paint jobs, Transformation of your roadster in to an eye-candy Customising it with beautiful designs and colours.


Mystic Charmz is a team of creative designers, co-ordinators & Artists dedicated to cater all your needs when it comes to making your car a state of art. Mystic Charmz was launched by a group of car enthusiasts who believe that your ride defines who you are. It started with the idea of completely changing the outlook of the traditional wedding cars into a ravishing beauty that not only bring a personality in the car but also makes your event even more special. Mystic Charmz was launched in 2011 in Pakistan, where the wedding market is full of glamour, emotion and excitement, and received a phenomenal growth and a huge fan following.

With the exceptional breakthrough in Pakistan, Mystic Charmz now paints its way to UK, filling the gap between the flaunts of the traditional weddings and the class of the western parties. Ranging from stylish and sleek to more colourful and boastful designs, we cater to all our customer’s requirements and guarantee that your parking lot will gain more attention than the dance floor itself. Having already captured the wedding market, we now extend our mélange to:

  • Parties
  • National events
  • Birthdays
  • Commercial advertisements and
  • Personalised car tattoos

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